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— The Next Era of Location-Based Entertainment Was Going to be Out-of-Home V/R

The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the out-of-home virtual reality business, after more than a few years of V/R technology itself having difficulty gaining traction with consumers.    Part of the early going though is difficult to understand – for those consumers who have experienced out-of-home “free roam” V/R installations such as The Void, Dreamscape Immersive, Tyffon, and the like – it’s quite something.


Yet, we’ve been musing on the the long road of so-called “location-based entertainment” and its not difficult to be chastened by how few innovations or fresh entertainment attempts actually meet with consumer acceptance.   We’ll be updating the listing below as we muse, and share it again.


Location-based Entertainment - Over the Years

FEC NameProduct SummaryFirst Unit Year
Dreamscape ImmersiveFounded in 2016, Dreamscape is helmed by a veteran entertainment industry team and features a brace of Blue Chip investors.2018
Two Bit Circus2018
Survios VRFirst Survios V/R arcade opens at Del Amo Mall (Torrance, California).2018
The Void2016
Meow WolfAn artist's collaborative first organized years before, combines to create this successful curiosity.2016
Oculus RiftPrototype of this groundbreaking headset, emerges.2010
Legoland Discovery Center2007
Wannado City2004
America’s Incredible Pizza Co.
Downtown Disney AnaheimDisney's version of Universal Studio's CityWalk, with much the same role in on-site guest circulation and entertainment.2001
Loulou Al Dugong's2000
Fun City1999
Sony MetreonSony's famed San Francisco LBE entrant, featuring I/P of author Maurice Sendak.1999
All-American SportParkA themed FEC concept involving Andre Agassi 1998
Tinsletown StudiosA themed show concept from Jim Garber and Jack Lindquist.1998
John's Incredible Pizza Co.1997
Club DisneyDisney opens five Club Disney units quickly, later deciding that all units would be shuttered by November, 1999.1997
Sega Gameworks1997
SegaWorld London1996
Magic Planet1995
Adventure Landing1995
Old Tucson Studios - FireDevastating fire at this venerable studio leaves the studio a modest vestige of its formal glory.1995
Fashion Café This themed restaurant chain was defunct by 1999. Involved supermodels' Naomi Campbell, Elle Macpherson, Claudia Schiffer, and Christy Turlington.1995
Iwerks Cinetropolis1994
Sega Joypolis1994
Virtual World Entertainment1994
Universal Studios CityWalkFirst imagined as an easy opportunity to catch studio tour and amphitheater visitors once more before reaching the parking lot, the studio earns a moment in LBE history with its several CityWalk facilities.1994
VirtuaLand at the Luxor1993
EntrosA remarkably innovative supper club participatory entertainment concept, sputtered following St. Joe Company's investment.1992
Virtuality ArcadesThe first VR machine for arcades.1991
Discovery Zone Play Place1990
Blockbuster's BlockParty1990
Cirque du SoleilThe first production, Le Grand Tour debuts in the small Quebec town of Gaspé, and is then performed in 10 other cities throughout the province. 1984
Dave & Busters1982
Chuck E. Cheese1977
Castle Park Riverside1976
IMAX TheatersThe first IMAX theater system is set up at Ontario Place (Toronto).1971
Hard Rock Café First unit at Old Park Lane, Mayfair, in London.1971
The Sword of DamoclesThe first head-mounted VR display is invented by Ivan Sutherland.1968
Legoland BillundThe first Legoland park opens, in Denmark.1968
Universal Studios HollywoodUniversal Studios opens its famed tram tour, following in the footsteps of Carl Laemmle's chicken ranch days.1964
Six Flags Theme ParksFounder Augus Wynne opens Six Flags Over Texas, his first park.1961
Old Tucson StudiosRobert Shelton leases sets and locations from Pima County, first used in the film Arizona (1940), and the grounds and sets as a working film studio and theme park.1960
Disneyland Walt Disney delivers a theme park.1955
Theater Stereophonic SoundFirst upgraded sound in U.S. theaters.1953
Ryman AuditoriumThe Grand Ole Opry radio show moves into the Ryman.1943
Mark Strand TheatreArguably the first U.S. movie palace.1914
Nickelodeon PittsburghThe first common format for movie theaters, in storefronts throughout the U.S.1905
Vitascope HallThe first permanent home for showing movies in the U.S. 1896
Circus of Pepin and BreschardFirst modern circus founded in the U.S., John Bill Ricketts.1793
London and Paris Pleasure Gardens
Zero Latency VR
Nomadic VR
Vertigo Arcades
From the Research unit, SCP Adventure Entertainment Cos. LLC