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Conceptual Design – Base Camp Jurassic

Cocov Destinations /Kokoro Exhibits  |  Illustration work shown here is a product of aec‘s Rapid Prototyping Unit, combining feasibility results with preliminary project scaling, layout, and overall guest experiential design – created to assist Ownership group in confirming design intent and project budgets.


Location-based entertainment consultants and designers - project experiential design consultants

Water Attractions at Adventure Park LBE

Ideation and exploration of a series of water play opportunities for implementation at Recreation Resort with Adventure Park, as well as other forms of out-of-home entertainment.   Part of a location-based entertainment portfolio 5-year enhancement and capital improvements program.


Posted information and images regarding this assignment is limited at client’s request.




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Black Hawk Master Plan

Analysis of potential gaming resort expansion possibilities, through development of additional properties in vicinity of current operation. Work included experiential design concepts.


Timothy Brown and Adventure Entertainment Cos. (“AEC”) have formed a joint venture to provide full-service consulting, project design-development management, and location-based entertainment to casino and gaming resort facilities.   AEC is an operating unit of StoneCreek Partners LLC.


REI's New Product Impact Standards

Children’s Cognitive Trail

As project experiential design consultants, Adventure Entertainment is designing a cognitive trail program as part of a retail-entertainment district.   Primarily a soft programming manner, the “cognitive trail” can provide an interesting activity for toddlers and young children who are at the development stage of exploring and learning their environment.   Children are particular ages strive to master their physical environments; knowing where places are – we all know how children will seek out the same places at museums, zoos, and malls, enjoying their recall of where enjoyable places of interest are located.  A cognitive trail accentuates that experience.


As with all other parent-children activities, the cognitive trail activities needs to be planned for parental comfort as well.


A cognitive trail experience can be a nice addition to other simple forms of kid’s soft programming at destination places, together with such activities as “big wheel” or miniature electric jeep races in the plazas, kid’s mazes, as well as scheduled sessions of “Simon says,”  jump rope and hop scotch contests, basketball toss, and the like.


project experiential design consultants

Forest Mystery Trail

China Fortune Land Development / Guangyang Town Center   |   A densely-planted forest is the format for a small “pocket park” situated at or about a “river walk.”  All manner of technologies and audience show theatrics are part of Mystery Trail.    Like all parts of the Project the Forest Mystery Trail is a beautiful place, with the breeze carrying the smells of flowers and the woods.


We envision this to be a mysterious forest of spirits, a place of curious circumstances and puzzles to be contemplated and solved.   An alternative for such an area in exploration may be a “sculpture garden”  featuring highly creative kinetic works of national and international sculptures.


Posted information and images regarding this assignment are limited at client’s request.  Work conducted as part of our experiential design consultants input to project master planning.




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