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Location-based entertainment consultants and technology integraters.

Fashion Show Las Vegas – House Show Executive Producer

The Rouse Company  |  Technical advisory during design stage for the Fashion Show Mall house staging system, the largest such EASIL system installed in a U.S. shopping mall. Work included in production of “event shells” to test system capabilities and to provide inventory of event concepts for retails and consumer product companies as the system came on line.


Work culminated in executive producer for first fashion and consumer product shows using the house runway system, and production of the annual Christmas show at the facility for the first two years.




Placemaking Consultants

Placemaking Consultants - mixed-use development consultants

Master-Planned Mega Resort – Jordan

Ayla Oasis  |  As global real estate consultants, we advised the master-planned resort project team for Ayala Oasis.    We provided design review, leasing plan, tenanting alternatives, and entertainment programming for resort town center under construction.  Focus on re-design and enhancement of the resort’s retail-entertainment village, to improve the shopper experience, retail leasing, length-of-stay, and placemaking appeal.


The development company’s business strategy is based upon establishing Aqaba as a world visitor destination.  Aqaba is famed for serving as a location filming area for “Lawrence of Arabia.   More recently, Aqaba was on the global map for EDM festivals as the location for the Distant Heat Festival in Wadi Rum (situated outside of Aqaba).

Retail Entertainment Consultants

Mixed-Use Retail-Entertainment – Arena Adjacent

Campanua Properties, Orange County (California). |  Alternative Big Ideas were explored as part of a strategic marketing evaluation, along with preliminary creative treatments for a proposed entertainment complex to be located at a site immediately adjacent to the Anaheim Arena – later renamed the Arrowhead Pond.

The proposed retail-entertainment facility was proposed to complement Anaheim Arena (now the Arrowhead Pond), an indoor sports and spectator facility with seating capacity for up to 19,500 spectators, capable of accommodating all manner of sports, music, and entertainment events. As recently as year-end 2005, The Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim was ranked by Billboard magazine as the third most successful arena facility of its type, based on gross ticket sales.

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