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Lost City Experiential Park – Feasibility and Rapid-Concepting

VFW Companies, Inc.   |   Project feasibility, ideation and exploration, ideation, and conceptual design for theme park including associated districts, attractions, and venues.


The backstory involves a regional explorer from yesterday that splintered with the exploration party and established their established their own settlement.  This “lost city” was actually not lost to those who settled and their descendants have re-opened parts of their community to outsiders.  Lost City has its customs, social preferences, and methods of communication, and some parts of the civilization are advanced although in unexpected ways.


The project site location was the Florida Panhandle when originally explored.  The regional location is now in revised site selection based upon investor preferences and local economic incentives.


location based entertainment consultants - Event Design and Production

Mixed-Media Escape Room – Conceptual Design

aec   Conceptual design and guest scripting for an “escape room” facility with several escape experiences offered.   The challenges designed for this escape room include physical challenges as well as problem-solving requiring mental agility.    Teamwork is particularly emphasized to encourage social interaction as part of the experience.  A precursor and inspiration for this escape experience is the famed Entros (Seattle) restaurant, wildly popularly back in the early 1990’s.


“Escape room experiences” are offered in all manner of challenges, formats, and settings, making for a robust and flexible entertainment platform.


Escape rooms have become a popular leisure-time activity, with potential appeal to diverse age and customer trip purposes (date night out, family outing, group experience, etc.).


Confidential – At client request, the rapid-protoyping image shown here includes limited details only.



aec Adventure Entertainment Cos. conceptual design - Immersive environment designers

Immersive Environment Concepting – TV Land Restaurant

TV Land Restaurant Corp.  /  Paramount Licensing  |  As immersive environments designers, we provided big idea exploration, guest experience ideation, and experiential design for potential branded restaurant attraction based upon the TV Land brand.   TV Land is a Viacom-owned brand.   The TV Land Restaurant concept is one of many immersive experience venues explored for deployment in the burgeoning location-based entertainment industry.


In association with Walker Group CNI.



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