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Rapid Concept Prototyping

Providing previsualization of project massing and site organization during the feasibility stage of project concepting.
aec Adventure Entertainment Cos. sun-shadow study
Resort Project Sun / Shadow Study

Faithrise Holdings  |  As part of real estate acquisition due diligence, various studies were prepared regarding suitability of the project development site.   One study was views of the Pacific Ocean from various hotel and villa rooms, another was this study of sun / shade impacts on development site value on a daily and seasonal basis.



Themed Entertainment Consultants
Kid’s Car Driving Experience

As part of an overall retail-entertainment destination, Adventure Entertainment has been exploring how simple amusements can be integrated with the retail environment.  Essentially taking cues from Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen) but integrating more intensely with a retail experience.


In this instance, a kid’s car driving experience is in exploration for younger children and their parents.  The youngest of children can be driven by a parent or older sibling.   For this particular activity, the more direct precedent inspiration of the famed Disneyland Autopia ride.   A guide rail placed along the center of the driving path keeps the kid-sized vehicles moving in the proper direction.


Also in the design, a kid’s “big wheel” tricycle park.


Confidential – At client request, the rapid-protoyping image shown here includes limited details only.  Illustration work shown here is a product of aec‘s Rapid Prototyping Unit, combining feasibility results with preliminary project scaling, layout, and overall guest experiential design – created to assist Ownership group in confirming design intent and project budgets.




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