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Tribal – First Nation Project Consultants

Our consulting work for Native American tribes includes housing, retail-entertainment, hotels and resorts, and entertainment.
We are specialists in the unique requirements of working in Indian Country.

Tribal – First Nation project consultants for development feasibility, economic development planning, and qualified opportunity zone implementation.   Our consulting work is founded on 30+ years of expertise in project feasibility matters, both as preparers of feasibility reports but also as hands-on owner representatives (and managers) of design and development, facility operations, and deal negotiation.


Throughout the world, we work with indigenous tribal “first nations” which have unique sovereignty issues.  In the U.S. this includes Native American pueblos and tribes, and indigenous Hawaiians.   Outside the U.S., our work as tribal – First Nation project consultants comes in many forms and we bring a sensitivity to the unique issues involved.


A specialty area of our work is economic development planning and implementation management for tribal organizations.   In this work we evaluate the unique SWOT-type aspects of a tribe’s assets and resources, and the economic opportunities that may exist in the surrounding region.   We then develop detailed master plans, feasibility analytics, and development programs that can be phased as tribal and 3rd-party financing sources are identified and available.


Our work with tribes most frequently involves gaming resort (casino) development, c-store fuel stations, recreation vehicle (RV) and glamping facilities, outdoor recreation activities and venues, and industrial parks, but has also included niche projects such as film studio and backlot venues.  Some examples of our client work are provided below.

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