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Location-Based Media & Technologies

Guest-Responsive, Environmental Effects, Audio, Staging, Imaging, Lighting
Technology adaptations can enhance experiential design and placemaking.

We are always looking for latest location-based entertainment technologies, to see how such tech may have application to commercial real estate, hotels, and of course, the location-based entertainment industries.


As we built our financial analytic roots, we led implementation of the first portfolio level financial planning system in a major U.S. real estate organization (The Irvine Company).    For NBCUniversal we designed, built and opened the first digital-based attraction in China, at Universal Studios Experience Beijing (“USEB”).   In Las Vegas for The Rouse Company, we were the house producer and entertainment advisor for Fashion Show Mall’s house theatrical and digital display systems – which remains the largest automated theatrical system ever construction in a regional mall setting.


Of late, we have been immersed in the development of augmented and virtual reality experiences, as well as live-acted living story immersions.


We have been the media producer for many of these innovations, including the creation of private commercial networks for location-based entertainment, at USEB, at Fashion Show Mall (Las Vegas), and at The Zone at Glendale Galleria.

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Location-Based Entertainment Technologies

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