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Cocov Destinations Niagara

Niagara Falls Region - Canada and the U.S.
Cocov Destinations Niagara

Led by industry veteran Zoran Cocov, Cocov Destinations Niagara is Toronto based, and is an active owner and developer of real estate in the Ontario Province of Canada as well as in the Niagara Falls area of the U.S.


Current development projects of Cocov Destinations Niagara have been carefully selected to both augment and take strategic advantage of the substantial Niagara region tourism base – an established multinational visitor destination.  Water City Niagara Falls on the Ontario side of The Falls, is a singularly unique large landholding situated adjacent to Niagara’s central business district.   On the U.S. side of The Falls, the Niagara International Sports & Entertainment (NISE) center consists of a repurposed regional mall and major adjacent additional lands.   Each property is among the most substantial visitor oriented properties in the combined region.


Our latest Cocov Destinations are in various stages of planning and approval. See our Investor Center for more information. Public information is being released as planning milestones are met.   Our multi-faceted destinations include resort accommodations, attractions, and live entertainment venues.


The Niagara region is a top tourism destination worldwide, and has been an “evergreen” visitor destination since the mid 1800’s. Because of The Falls, and other visitor attractions, the Niagara region hosts an estimated 12 million visitors each year.

With two destination projects, Cocov Destinations will provide “New Awe for The Falls”


mixed-use development consultants - NISE center
NISE Center
Niagara Falls, New York

The Niagara International Sports & Entertainment (“NISE”) center is envisioned as the Niagara region’s largest venue for participatory sports including all-weather (indoor) athletic fields and an array of ancillary entertainment.  A Cocov Destinations property, Niagara Falls.

Water City Niagara Falls, a Cocov Destinations Niagara property
Water City Niagara Falls
Ontario, Canada

Situated in close proximity to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls (Ontario), Water City Niagara Falls is envisioned as the premier destination resort and attraction for the region.  A Cocov Destinations property, Niagara Falls.

A Cocov Destinations property, Niagara region
Casino Rama Adjacent
Rama (Ontario) Canada



Zoran Cocov, Owner of Cocov Destinations Niagara

For more information about Cocov Destinations Niagara, contact Zoran Cocov at zoran@cocovdestination.com