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Land Development Consultants

Site selection, property acquisition, entitlement processing, design-development, and end-user sales
Land development is about buying land and installing infrastructure at a price to ensure project feasibility.

StoneCreek Partners works as land development consultants for master-planned communities and large-scale landholdings, including strategic planning, feasibility, builder sales programs, and land use planning.


We often get involved on behalf of owner in selecting the project team for initial land evaluation – the surveying, civil engineering and initial site planning.   The civil work for any particular landholding is critical to a project’s feasibility, assuring that potable water, wastewater, gas, electric, and other infrastructure is available.   And if not available, can such infrastructure be extended to a site at reasonable cost.


As land development consultant for owners we also take on land use entitlements processing and the various permits and approvals required from various agencies.   This includes local municipalities and counties, as well as state (highway) and federal (EPA) entities.  In some regions this involves working within exurban (and urban) growth restrictions as well as the rights and access to regional water and aquifers.


Our creative unit, aec creative, provides conceptual planning at these initial stages combining market and financial feasibility results with rapid 3d previsualizations of a property’s massing, circulation, and on-site land use relationships.   For properties in the location-based entertainment area, this rapid prototyping often includes experiential scripting.   All of this inexpensive previs work is intended to help owner in establishing design intent and build-out scope.



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Brownfield sites can add significant complexity to development feasibility issues.

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Land Development Consultants

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