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Film Studios Development Consultants

Creative Campuses for Film, Music, and Digital Productions
New film studio developments are more profitable in mixed-use settings.

As film studios development consultants we work with clients including studio developers, landowners, and facility operators.   For our clients, we help in evaluating stage, digital hub, backlot, and production service opportunities, and look for layout options that are efficient and sometimes make more money.   For some of these studio services areas, particularly standing set investment, we provide specific market and financial feasibility evaluations for that kind of pre-booking spend.


As an example of our consulting work, facilities such as scene docks and storage / props areas can be made more efficient.   These support spaces, for example, can be placed in the ground floor of backlot standing sets providing double use of those areas.  Backlots can also be designed for secondary use in special event staging.  Such backdrops are prized by corporate and social meeting planners.  The accommodation of special events in a studio setting can be a terrific additional profit center for the studio.


With regard to new facilities we believe in mixed-use studio development.   Although studios are envisioned as a multi-faceted creative campuses, those operated with a mixed-used business plan have greater sustainability for the overall enterprise.


As film studios development consultants, some of our recent projects have included Park City (now Utah) Film Studios, Camel Rock Studios (Santa Fe),  and Wuxi Studios, as well as new opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Film Studios Development Consultants

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