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Glamping & Eco-Resort Operators – the Latest

Global Directory of Glamping and Eco-Resort Operators, Alternative Accommodations, Booking Websites, and Suppliers - 2020
What we call glamping you may call an off-the-grid lodge, an eco resort, an eco lodge, or perhaps an eco retreat. Of late, even an ``alternative accommodation.``

Our glamping and eco-resort operators directory focuses on the industry’s latest new and fresh offerings, with a focus on emerging multi-location operators.   Glamping, eco-tourism, eco-resorts are part of one industry that is based simply on the desire among consumers for something more unique, more sustainable, and more about nature, than typical overnight accommodations.


The Emergence of National and International Operators.


In recent years, the assortment of small-scale “mom and pop” glamping owner-operators around the world, began to be joined by national companies seeking scale and market share in this industry.  In the U.S., these new operators include AutoCamp (2013), Collective Retreats (2015), and Under Canvas (2009), among others.    These companies are successfully integrating the desire for eco-tourism and eco-resorts, known for their unique destination settings, with glamping which is known for its unique range of accommodation types.


We expect these companies to do quite well in the post Covid-19 pandemic era, as they achieve greater scale and brand recognition.


Although a different kind of lodging, we think the branding sensibilities for glamping and eco-tourism will need to be something akin to the famed Rock Resorts established by Laurance Rockefeller back in 1956.   Rock Resorts were a chain of resorts, but each was unique and the branding was more about the association of these unique resort settings, rather than the assertion of standardized food service, room configurations and amenities, and the like.


History of Glamping


Eco-tourism emerged in the 1970’s.  Some would assert that Maho Bay Camps (U.S. Virgin Islands) pioneered the concept starting in 1976, and its a good claim.      European Eco-labeling of hotels was introduced in 2003, although a hotel labelled as such is not necessary an eco-resort.


Glamping started to catch fire as an Internet search term in 2007, so many trace the beginnings of this new industry to that time.   Those were the days of single site glamping and eco-resort operators pioneering the concept of a camping experience with more home-like conveniences.   Just over a decade later, new national operators are emerging, as noted in our Glamping & Eco-Resort Operators directory (below).   We think that “customized” offerings from Airbnb, which got started in 2008, likely helped to propel consumer interest in unique overnight stay offerings.


Glamping & Eco-Resort Operators



What is Glamping?


There is a broad definition for this industry as well as for which accommodations fit into a definition of glamping and eco-resorts.   But the allure certainly begins with a unique place to stay, in a beautiful natural setting, with some level of services, amenities, and food (and beverage) services, to make the stay just a bit comfortable.  Sometimes with sufficient comfort for those that enjoy luxury hotel stays.   And with those accommodations offered in an eco-resort setting, there is also the “go green” sensibility at work.


Guest units at glamping and eco-resorts venues can take on almost any format, the only limitation being the creativity of the facility operator.   Common formats for these overnight accommodations include canvas tents on platforms, yurts, treehouses, cabins, and customized recreational vehicles (“RV’s”).   In the U.S. sometimes Native American teepees (or tipi) or settler’s covered wagons (of the American West) are among the offerings.   Then there are the uncommon offerings provided by glamping and eco-resort operators, such as prefabricated pods, geodesic domes, even open-air platforms with the “dark sky” as your roof.

Glamping & Eco-Resort Operators Directory

Company WebsiteSummary Overview
Adventure Alternativewww.adventurealternative.comThe travel company offers high quality adventure holidays including climbing expeditions, trekking holidays and wildlife safaris, school trips abroad and charity treks. Founded by British mountaineer Gavin Bate in 2001.
Airbnb www.airbnb.com First established in 2008, further boosts the interest in unique overnight accommodations.
AndBeyondwww.andbeyond.comLuxury experiential travel company, offering safaris and tours in Africa, Asia, and South America.
Aracari Travelwww.aracari.comAs it describes on its website, Aracari is the bridge that connects travelers with the spirit of magical places in Perú, Bolivia and Galapagos.

Aracari celebrates the roots and histories of these places making all dreams possible in an environment of respect for local cultures and the environment.
Autocampwww.autocamp.comAccommodations featuring modern and luxurious 190-SF Airstream units, in a camping sensibility evoking the great American road trip. The Airstreams are manufactured for this purpose by Thor Industries Inc. First established in 2013.
Bouteco Travelwww.bouteco.coAn eco-travel website, Bouteco helps hotel lovers find the best boutique eco hotels.
Collective Retreatswww.collectiveretreats.comEach retreat is located in an iconic destination and features luxury outdoor accommodations, exceptional culinary experiences, and genuine hospitality. First established in 2015.
Cool Camping UKwww.coolcamping.comBooking website. A hand-picked selection of outstanding tent-oriented campsites. The series now includes Wales, Scotland, France, Europe, Britain, Cool Camping: Kids, the Cool Camping Cookbook and the Cool Camping Guide to Festivals!
Earthchangerswww.earth-changers.comAccording to its website, the company allows its guests to experience unique life-changing purpose travel for sustainable development, ecotourism and responsible travel.
Eco-Label for European HotelsGets started in 2003.
Eco-Retreats Waleswww.ecoretreats.co.ukThe company offers five unique glamping accommodations spread out over 50 acres, part of a 1,300-acre organic farm. Each unit is situated its own secluded area with private outdoor wood-fired bath and bathroom, and campfire area.
EcocompanionAn eco-travel company and booking platform which pulls together eco-lodges, tours, and conservation projects.
Everland Eco-Retreat
Denver, Colorado
www.everland.coAn eco-retreat featuring immersive art, on 145 acres. Located southwest of Denver in Sedalia (Douglas County). retreat center owned by the Korean Christian Church South and used by various colleges, foundations, and camp programs. Opening in 2021
EXP Journeyswww.expjourneys.comEXP has developed an exclusive luxury camping program at remote sites throughout the national parks region in the U.S.
Explora Projectwww.explora-project.comTour operator and travel agency focused on the adventure tourism. Based in Annecy, France,
G Adventures
www.gadventures.comAn adventure travel company, offering small-group tours, safaris and expeditions. First established in 1990, by Bruce Poon Tip.
Glampsiteswww.glampsites.comBooking website. For the UK and France.
GoBOLD Adventures™www.goboldadventures.comAdventure recreation operator and design-builder.
Green Globewww.greenglobe.comThe Green Globe certification is a structured assessment of the sustainability performance of travel and tourism businesses and their supply chain partners.
Green Key Globalwww.greenkey.globalCreated for use by the lodging industry, Green Key Global offers an Eco-Rating Program to evaluate properties on an environmental, economic, and social level.
Greentique Hotels
Costa Rica
www.greentiquehotels.comUnique Costa Rica destinations.
Hipcampwww.hipcamp.comBooking website. A kind of Airbnb for campers, property owners rent through the website. Headquartered in San Francisco.
Huttopiawww.canada-usa.huttopia.com French-style camping or glamping resorts in Quebec, Maine, New Hampshire, New York and California.
Intrepid Travelwww.intrepidtravel.comIntrepid actively work with communities and a range of local partners to support the development of new experiences in destinations that otherwise wouldn’t see the benefits of tourism. The company became a B Corp in 2018, at the time the largest travel company in the world to become one.
Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA)www.terramoroutdoorresort.com In 2020, KOA opened its own glamping resort called Terramor Outdoor Resort, near Acadia National Park (Maine). The company has offered deluxe cabins at its campgrounds for many years.
Kind Travelerwww.kindtraveler.comA hotel booking platform with a socially conscious sensibility, for destinations in the U.S. and select additional countries.
Kynder Travelwww.kynder.netKynder describes itself as the first eco-conscious travel platform spotlighting unique hospitality establishments with sustainable and fair labor practices.
Loge Campswww.logecamps.comOffers places to stay in select locations in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, with lodging and rental equipment - for surfers, mountain bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts Five locations as at mid August 2020.
Luxury Frontierswww.luxury-frontiers.comDesigner of unique glamping facilities, on a worldwide basis.
Maho Bay Camps (U.S. Virgin Islands) Pioneered the concept of-eco-resorts (tourism) starting in 1976. The operation ended when the ground lease was not renewed.
Nayara Tented Campwww.nayaratentedcamp.comThe camp will feature 18 luxury tents, 12 of which will be “mirror image tents,” linked together to create two-bedroom units.
Paper Bark Campwww.paperbarkcamp.com.auA tented bush camp in Jervis Bay, in New South Wales, Australia.
Quality Unearthedwww.qualityunearthed.co.ukBooking website. Q/U has handpicked the best alternative abodes in the UK from treehouses, yurts, wagons, cabins, Gypsy caravans and more for memorable vacation stays.
Responsible Travelwww.responsibletravel.comAn online travel agency and publisher, founded 2001. Holidays are screened for their compliance with environmental, social and economic criteria with an emphasis on grassroot initiatives and local providers.
Rickshaw Travelwww.rickshawtravel.co.ukRickshaw specializes in flexible, independent travel experiences that you can piece together to build your own personalized holiday.
Steppes Travelwww.steppestravel.comOffers a unique collection of travel adventures throughout the world.
TentRRwww.tentrr.comTentrr provides a network of individual campsites with a standardized raised-platform and canvas tent with air bed situated on private land. each site an average of 12 acres.
Terra Glampingwww.terraglamping.comSuccessor company to TerraVelo Tours, now offering Terra Glamping experiences in several U.S. destinations.
The Resort at Paws Upwww.pawsup.comAmong the larger glamping destinations, with 30 luxury glamping tents in Greenough, Montana.
Under Canvas
www.undercanvas.comOne of the early glamping developers, Under Canvas typically locates its “safari camps” adjacent to national parks. The featured tent accommodations are made of wood and canvas for particular aesthetic purposes. In December 2018, KSL Capital Partners announced a "substantial investment" in Under Canvas, although financial terms of the deal were not announced publicly. First established in 2009.
Undiscovered Mountainswww.undiscoveredmountains.comTravel company focused on mountain adventures.

Glamping Operators and Eco Tours Operators

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