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To keep up with breaking industry news and trends, as well as fresh ideas, there are so many terrific industry websites for news and trends.   We work primarily in the commercial real estate, hotels and hospitality, and location-based entertainment industries, and this focus is apparent in the links we included in this resource center.


The search for fresh ideas in these industries that are always converging on each other, those are the nuggets we are particularly interest in.   Hotels converting rooms for general-purpose office tenants,  Walmart stores showing drive-in movies as an alternative to a modest ad spend, virtual reality venues converting to living stories performances, these are fun to find and share.  Of course, some of these seemingly fresh ideas are more about “what’s old is new again.”  But that’s ok too.


In addition to websites with first-rate news feeds, the various industry associations are also of interest for monitoring news and trends – some of these include websites by the Urban Land Institute and the International Council of Shopping Centers.  Most of these industry websites also push out great information through social media, particularly using LinkedIn.



Industry breaking news and trends

Can you see the forest for the trees?


We encourage our team to read when they can to keep up with all that is changing during these challenging times.   Provided here are some of our favorite places around the Internet for industry breaking news and trends.  We thought we’d share – sometimes the right kind of information helps us see the forest for the trees.


And of course, we welcome suggestions as to best industry news portals – please let us know what we’re missing.  Braking news of the industry for real estate, hotels and entertainment, that’s what we’re after.  Thanks for that.

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