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Design Charrette Facilitation

Expert charrette organizers and facilitators for the Real Estate, Lodging, and Entertainment industries
We embrace lateral ideation in group collaborations

For design charrette facilitation and planning, we have played a role in, or led, a myriad of charrettes (aka “brainstorming sessions” on scores of topics.  Charrettes are part of our company creative process. We use this unique “ideation workshop” format in virtually every project we undertake, as a means of integrating and fostering project team collaboration.


We are pleased to be a participant in a charrette session, providing product, financial and experiential guest or customer input to a project or product concepting session.


As well, SCP’s principal Don Bredberg has extensive charrette leadership experience with his thirty “plus” years of wide-ranging industry “hands-on” track record.  The word charrette derives from a French word for a particular type of working session wherein a group collaborates in identifying a solution to a design objective.   Over the years, these design charrettes have broadened in use to a great many business, community, and governmental policy “group think” processes.


For design charrette facilitation and support to planning such sessions, we sometimes suggest the “lateral ideation” process that we’ve honed over the years.   Lateral ideation is a process for encouraging all-new creative in a group session, somewhat deconstructing an Agile / Scrum method into creative parts that organically become a whole.

Project Experience
  • China - Hong Kong project consultants - mixed-use development consultants
    Design Consultants for Mixed-Use Re-Design

    Zhejiang Nongdu Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.  |  Acted as project experiential design consultants for a planned mixed-use facility located at......

  • Sports Arena Exploration

    Charrette, rapid-prototyping of massing and right-scaling, along with market and financial feasibility analysis for an NBA arena as part of......

  • Office and Industrial Consultants - An example of design charrette facilitation by StoneCreek Partners, here, one of the exhibits prepared for the sessions.
    Business and Social Lounge – Ideation

    aec   Confidential Client  |  Ideation and experiential design for niche business and social lounge.  For First Unit beta in Greater......

Typical Charrette Topics
Additional Design Charrette Facilitation Experience

Design Charrette Facilitation

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