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Strategic Planning Consultants

Strategic Services for the Real Estate, Hotels and Resorts, and Entertainment Industries
Seeking, confirming, and fostering sustaining competitive advantages.

As strategic planning consultants and facilitators, StoneCreek Partners assists private- and public-sector organizations, as well as tribal “first nation” entities, with strategy preparation.    At times this work is part of an economic development study for properties, municipalities, or regions.


Our strategy advisory takes a few different forms, from exploration of strategic objectives in a workshop session to full strategic plans based upon substantial industry and competitor research.   Sometimes our strategic work is baked into master-plans for large-scale landholdings common to major private-sector landowners, local (and regional) governments, and tribal and pueblo Native American Indian reservations.   At times this strategic work is baked into an overall land use (or master plan) for a specific landholding.


In other instances our work as strategic planning consultants is realized in formal documents created through a formalized (but creative) “GOSPA” process.


We like the basic foundation of Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Plans, and Actions, as a means to guide strategy exploration.   But within this framework we like to pursue wide-ranging solutions using “lateral ideation” methods which always seem to draw out the best thinking in ourselves and the client groups with whom we collaborate.


Strategic Planning Consultants - StoneCreek

At times we create interactive exhibits as part of facilitating planning workshops.

Project Experience
Our Background in Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is part of our company’s heritage and the career of  J.H. Bredberg, chairman emeritus for StoneCreek Partners and Adventure Entertainment Cos.   Back in the 1970’s-80’s, Bredberg was a licensed professional engineer by training, and was among the pioneers of “smart technologies” integration with industrial machinery controls worldwide.  Over the course of a four-decade career he acted as chief engineer, helmed strategic planning units, and consulted with such legendary industrial conglomerates as Texas Instruments, Harnischfeger Corporation, the Allen-Bradley Cos. (one of Tiny’s Raiders), and Allis-Chalmers.   He was an early specialist in agile/scrum project management methods.


Donald Bredberg, who currently leads StoneCreek Partners  |  AEC, has similar experience from various career involvements.  At The Irvine Company he directed strategic financial planning; with NBCUniversal he led the location-based entertainment unit for the Parks and Resorts Group; with the family office at Newfield Enterprises International he led a multi-billion dollar real estate and hospitality portfolio where he led real estate workouts and new acquisitions with a select team of asset managers and relationships with 3rd-party joint venture partners and facilities managers.   He has also served on non-profit boards and has brought in for board retreats to facilitate organizational goal-setting and strategic planning.

Other Strategic Planning Consulting Experience
Other Experience as Strategic Planning Consultants

Strategic Planning Consultants

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