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About Data Centers

Annotated listing of major data center operating companies, data center locations, and new data center players.
It is hard to believe that it was just 2006 when Google built its first data center.

Data center facilities and companies, are provided in the directory below, including facility locations and company descriptions.   We provide this as a service to our economic development clients who are looking to understand the substantial scale and number of players in this relatively new industry.


Just as the Internet and all it has brought to the world, data centers have emerged only recently as an investor asset class.  For perspective, Google designed and built its first purpose-built data center (code-named Project 02) in The Dalles (Oregon) in 2006 – just 14 years ago.


A data center is a physical facility where critical data and software applications are situated within a large quantity of vertical racks housing computing and storage devices.


Data Center Facilities and Companies



As an industry, data center facilities and companies are subject to an unusually rapid technology life cycle.   Ever evolving consumer and business demand for data-intensive products (and services) directly impacts what data centers become.


One example, so-called “edge computing” is emerging in 2020 as a particularly interesting adjustment to how and where data is streamed.   Edge computing is a nuance on data centers where the idea is to place data storage and processing as close to where the customer is creating the need – at “the edge.”

We’re getting this listing started, so check back soon.

Data Center Facilities & Operators

CompanyData CentersAboutEstablished
21Vianet Group, Inc.
Beijing, China
21Vianet operates in more than 20 cities throughout China, with 6000+ enterprise customers. First established 2009.2009
365 Data Centers
Norwalk, Connecticut
12October 2020 - Private equity investor Stonecourt Capital has acquired a majority stake a leading provider of hybrid data center solutions in 12 strategic, primarily edge, markets. 2002
North Sydney, Australia
December 2020 - the Australian firm opened hyperscale cloud facilities in Singapore and Hong Kong. AirTrunk was formerly owned by investors including Goldman Sachs Group’s special situations arm and TPG Sixth Street Partners. In January 2020, the infrastructure arm of Macquarie Group agreed to acquire a majority stake of AirTrunk.2014
Amazon AWS Data Centers104Amazon Web Services begins offering IT infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web services, now commonly known as cloud computing.2006
Amazon Web Services-Amazon Web Services begins development of a suite of cloud-based services, which included storage, computation and some human intelligence through “Amazon Mechanical Turk.”2002
Apple Data Centers11Apple’s 183-acre Maiden (North Carolina) data center remains the company’s largest, at 505,000 SF. Apple initially started in 2012 with 160 acres in Prineville (Oregon) to build a 338,000 SF data center.2012
AT Tokyo Corp.
Acquired by Secom Group. Initially created (2000) and sold by Tokyo Electric Power Company ("Tepco").2000
BDx Data Centers
Hong Kong
BT Global Services48First established as BT Ignite in July 2000.2000
Chayora Limited
Hong Kong SAR, China
China Telecom
Beijing, China
456China Telecom operates 456 on-net data centers in Mainland China and has a footprint in 187 data centers across 71 key metro hubs globally. Full name is China Telecom Group Beijing Telecommunication Limited Company.2002
China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited
Hong Kong, China
550China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd.2009
ChinData Group
Beijing, PRC
Bain Capital-backed. Based on Bain's merging of two acquisitions: Bridge Data Centres (Singapore) and the data center division of Wangsu Science and Technology Company (Shenzhen).2017
CoreSite Realty Corporation REIT
Denver, Colorado
22Provides client services across eight key North American markets. Initially established as CRG West2001
Dallas, Texas
49In August 2017, the company acquired Zenium Data Centers. In July 2015, the company acquired Cervalis for approximately $400 million. First established in 2001.2001
Cyxtera Technologies
62Cyxtera was created after investors including Medina Capital and Longview Asset Management, bought 57 data centers from CenturyLink.2017
Data Foundry
Austin, Texas
6Data Foundry was established in 1994 as one of the first 50 ISP's in the U.S. and opened its first Internet Data Center ("IDC") in 1995.1994
DataBank Holdings, Ltd.
Dallas, Texas
October 2020 - DB announces its intention to acquire the colocation business of Zayo Communications. with Zayo, the company will be one of the largest privately-held US data center providers.2004
Bjerke, Norway
7DigiPlex has opened its latest data center at the Holtskogen Business Park at Hobøl in the Indre Østfold municipality. The facility is the company’s fifth Norwegian data center and DigiPlex now operates seven data centers across Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.2000
Digital Crossroad
Hammond, Indiana
November 2020 - the company's 20MW data center Lake Michigan Data Center is completed, 2018
Digital Realty Trust, Inc. REIT
San Francisco, California
DuPont Fabros Technology, Inc.
12Digital Realty's acquired the company in 2017 for $7.8 billion Established in February, 2007.2007
ENIAC1The Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer ("ENIAC") is built in 1946 for the U.S. Army to store artillery firing codes and is dubbed as the first general-purpose electronic digital computer.1946
Equinix, Inc. REIT
Redwood City, California
202The world’ largest data center provider by revenue. It operates more than 200 data centers across 55 markets around the world.
Includes Verizon Data Centers, as of April 2017. Founded in 1998 by Jay Adelson.
European Date Centre Association2011
Evoque Data Center Solutions™
2019 - Brookfield acquires data center colocation operations and assets of AT&T, which are contributed to new subsidiary, Evoque.
Wholly-owned subsidiary of Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. (Toronto), first established 2008.
Facebook Data Centers13As of November 2020 - Facebook has 13 data centers in the U.S., operating or in development. The tech firm also leases data center space from operators such as Digital Realty Trust and Cloud HQ in addition to building its own sites. First data center in Prineville, Oregon.2010
Facebook DeKalb Data Center
DeKalb (Chicago area), Illinois
Announced in 2020.TBD
Facebook Gallatin Data Center
Gallatin (Nashville area), Tennessee
Announced in 2020. 982,000 SF facility; 809-acre project site. Facebook's 13th data center in the U.S.TBD
Facebook Los Lunas Data Center
Los Lunas (Albuquerque area), New Mexico
First announced in September, 2016.2019
Facebook New Albany Data Center
New Albany, Ohio
Operational in early 2020.2020
Global Compute InfrastructureFormer Digital Realty Trust founder in JV with Goldman Sachs. First deal was acquisition of ATM (Warsaw, Poland).2020
Global Switch
London, U.K.
13GS owns and operate thirteen data centers centrally located in Tier 1 cities across Europe and Asia-Pacific.1998
GoogleGoogle invests $7.4 billion in its Internet infrastructure, The spending is focused upon a huge expansion of Google’s global data center network, reported to be the largest construction effort in the history of the data center industry.2013
Google Data Centers16Google designed and built its first purpose-built data center (code-named Project 02) in The Dalles (Oregon) in 2006 – just 14 years ago.2006
Green Mountain
3Founded by the Smedvig family.2013
Hotwon Group
Beijing, PRC
Hotwon focuses on the co-location market. December 2020 - A Beijing private equity firm has teamed up with a fund management division of China’s CITIC Group in a bet on growing demand for server co-location and cloud computing on the mainland,2015
IBM Cloud60During 2020, IBM closes numerous older data centers as it upgrades to new data center technology.
Intel 4004 Processor
Intel Corp.
-Intel introduces the 4004 processor, the first general-purpose programmable processor on the market. It serves as a “building block” that can be customized with software to perform different functions in a wide variety of electronic devices.1971
Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands
50+Operates more than 50 data centers in 13 cities worldwide. First established 1998.1998
Keppel Data Centres Pte Ltd
Level 3 Communications
Broomfield, Colorado
350In 2017, CenturyLink acquired Level 3 in a $30 billion deal. In 2011, Level 3 had acquired Global Crossing, the former tech darling known for laying fiber-optic cable lines at the bottom of the ocean. First established in 1985.1985
Liquid Telecom
Ebene, Mauritius
5October 2020 - Liquid Telecom has raised $307 million to fund a rapid expansion of its data center business across Africa. The company is Africa’s largest fiber-network operator. Majority owned by Econet Global Ltd.1997
Lumen Technologies
Monroe, Louisiana
September 2020 - CenturyLink re-brands itself as Lumen Technologies. November 2017 - CenturyLink acquires Level 3 Communications. April 2011 - CenturyLink merges with Qwest.1968
Macquarie Data Centres
Microsoft Azure Data Centers
Lexington, Massachusetts
27October 2020 - Microsoft announces its first Azure cloud data center region in Taiwan, intending it as a foothold for a “key Asia operating hub, The date first established shown at right, is for the first Microsoft data center, located at its Redmond, Washington campus.1989
Modular Data CenterSun Microsystems introduces the modular data center, transforming the fundamental economics of corporate computing.2007
NTT Communications
Chiyoda City, Tokyo, Japan
48NTT established the NTT Global Data Centers Preparatory Corporation as the first step in creating a wholly owned subsidiary to comprehensively handle data center construction, asset management and wholesale services for NTT Group companies on a global basis. Subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation2018
Nxtra Data (Bharti Airtel)
New Delhi, Delhi NCT
In 2020, Airtel sold a 25% stake in Nxtra to The Carlyle Group, for $235 million. Founded in 1995, by Sunil Bharti Mittal.1995
Princeton Digital Group
18Has data center projects in 12 cities across India, Indonesia, Singapore and China2017
QTS Realty Trust, Inc.
2851 Foster Street, Overland Park, Kansas
26Has 26 data center facilities located throughout the U.S. and includes two additional mega data centers located in the northern Netherlands. First established 2003.2003
Rack Centre
Lagos, Nigeria
May 2020 - Investment firm Actis acquires a majority stake in Rack Centre, planning a $250 million chain of data centers in Africa.2012
Sungard Availability Services
Wayne, Pennsylvania
80Privately held.1978
Las Vegas, Nevada
November 2020 - Dell Technologies and Switch have teamed up with FEDEX to place edge computing facilities at FEDEX logistics facilities.2000
T5 Data Centers542008
Telehouse (KDDI)401984
Teraco Data Environments (Pty) Ltd.
Johannesburg, South Africa
November 2020 - Teraco starts construction of JB4 - the largest data center on the African continent (38MW). Founded by Tim Parsonson and Lex Van Wyk in 2008.2008
TRADIC1The first transistorized computer ("TRADIC") is introduced and is the first machine to use all transistors and diodes and no vacuum tubes. 1954
Vantage Data Centers
Santa Clara, California
13November 2020 - Vantage acquires Hypertec’s data center campus in Montreal, which already has two facilities with 25MW of capacity total and enough expansion capacity to build a third one for an additional 24MW, which Vantage said it would start building immediately.

July 2020 - Vantage Data Centers is close to securing $1.3 billion in new capital to accelerate its already speedy expansion, the company announced Tuesday.

Colony Capital, the real estate investment trust that already owns a stake in Vantage, has put together a group of investors to participate in a private equity acquisition of a stake in VDS' 12 North American data centers/
Yondr GroupA developer, owner operator and service provider of hyperscale data centers. The data center startup has bullish plans to rapidly build new data centers across five continents by 2024. Privately held.2019
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