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Coworking Companies – the Latest

"Working from anywhere" now includes home, coworking companies, hotel rooms and lobbies, and other remote work "flex space" venues.
Work from home sensibilities are propelling new players to the coworking sector.

Coworking companies – the latest, provides ongoing tracking of the major co-work and office sharing players, industry deals, and fresh ideas.   The concept of shared office space and amenities has become important to the office space industry, even more so as Covid-19 repercussions are felt.


Coworking is an arrangement in which several workers from different companies share an office space, allowing cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructure, such as equipment, utilities, and receptionist and custodial services, and in some cases refreshments and parcel acceptance services.


Additionally, coworking helps workers avoid the isolation they may experience while telecommuting, traveling, or working at home, while also eliminating distractions.


Additional players are entering the coworking space, prompted by the extensive “work from home “(WFM) that occurred during much of 2020 during the Covid-19 economic shutdown.   These new players may take on increasing importance as we continue our tracking:  Coworking Companies – the Latest.   These new players are bringing additional product nomenclature to coworking, such as the phrase “on-demand workspaces” – the term describes those areas within a hotel that have been converted to desk space, meeting rooms, areas for private calls, or even coworking spaces.


Both commercial hotels as well as resort destinations are giving coworking a try,  although experimentation with coworking at hotels precedes the Covid-19 pandemic.    An excellent example of “coworking meets hotel” is Zoku in Amsterdam, which was established in 2016.   Zoku is a curated collective of working travelers and local professionals, situated in Amsterdam’s canal district.   Zoku is self-described as a “workmeetsplay hotel concept for the global nomad.”



Co-Working Companies - the Latest

New players are coming to the coworking sector, as a result of new sensibilities for remote work.



A summary of our tracking, Coworking Companies – the Latest, is provided below.   This listing and history is continuously updated, so check back often.   We’ll admit its a somewhat eclectic list since the best concepts and innovations have come from various industries and players.   We’ll appreciate your thoughts on what should be included – thank you for that.

Coworking Companies – the Latest

New York City
U.S.2018The coworking company asserts that it is the first pay-as-you-use, amenities filled space.
"coworking" the termU.S.1999Bernard DeKoven launched the word "coworking" as a way to identify a method that would facilitate collaborative work and business meetings coordinated by computers. DeKoven is most notable for his book The Well Played Game, for his contributions to the New Games Foundation, his pioneering work in computer game design, and for his long-running web site, deepFUN.com.
#coworking hash tag U.S.2007For the first time, the term "coworking" was seen as a trend on Google's database.
AccorHotelsInternational2020September 2020 - is now offering its £35 daily fee "Hotel Offices" work spaces with the added perk of room service and lobby bar (in many locations). In association with WOJO,
Ace Hotel New York
New York City
U.S.2009The hotel helped to popularize the idea of communal working from a hotel common area.
All Good Work
U.S.2020The All Good Work Foundation has launched a ‘drop-in’ workspace for social impact organizations. The new ultra-flexible program reflects people’s need to escape the home office and work in structured, collaborative environments. The service is powered by Upflex and provides access to workspace and meeting space by the hour and the day.
U.S.2011Your Alley has two locations in New York City, one in Washington D.C. and one in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
2017 - The company signed a deal with Verizon Communication to run Verizon-owned co-working spaces in Washington, D.C., and in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Founded by Jason Saltzman, Jonathan Ende and Nsi Obotetukudo in 2011 as AlleyNYC.
Alliance Business Centers
International1991Founded by Steve Tannenbaum, David Beale and Frank Cottle.
Barrister Executive SuitesU.S.1990Barrister is formed by Vince Otte through the acquisition of Attorney's Office Management, Inc. (a/k/a Fegen Suites) and immediately renamed to Barrister.
BetahausGermany2009Betahaus was extensively covered by Der Spiegel magazine, and by 2010 the term "coworking" was part of the Germany language.
Binary Cafe1994
BizDojo (IWG)
New Zealand2009Established as a coworking and collaboration network for incubators, creative communities, coworking, collaboration, and founder support. IWG acquired New Zealand's largest coworking brand, in 2018.
Montreal, Canada
International2012December 2020 - Breathers plans to close all of its locations, totaling more than 400 across the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Will keep its online platform operating.
Bridge+Singapore2019CapitaLand’s own flexible workspace offering. Bridge+ will use technology to “reduce friction” for guests and tenants entering the building, and for those looking for parking space at the carpark. Facial recognition and temperature reading devices will be used at the building's main entrance, on various floors, and to activate meeting rooms.
Berlin, Germany
Germany1995Founded in Berlin, was one of the first hackerspaces in the world. In 2002, they made WiFi networks available and promoted free public access to the internet.
Co+Hoots Coworking
CommonGrounds Workplace
6790 Embarcadero Ln #100, Carlsbad, California
Crowne Plaza HotelsU.S.2017InterContinental Hotels Group's Crowne Plaza began rolling out Plaza Workspace areas in its lobbies in 2017.
Paris, France
France2016October 2021 - Newmark Group has acquired a majority stake of Space Management, which does business in France as the co-working brand Deskeo.
District Cowork
Fegen SuitesU.S.1966First shared office space for attorneys, founded by Paul Fegen. in 1966. Subsequently incorporated as Attorneys Office Management, Inc. in 1970. Eventually acquired by Vince Otte and re-branded as Barrister Executive Suites.
GreenDeskU.S.2008Nine locations in NYC. McKelvey and Neumann opened the first floor of a startup called Green Desk in 2008, a precursor to WeWork. The focus of the company was sustainable coworking spaces featuring recycled furniture and electricity that came from wind power.
Hera HubU.S.2015Female-centric coworking space and business accelerator. Primarily U.S. although the company lists an operation in Sweden. Founded by Felena Hanson.
Atlanta, Georgia
International1962HQ Global Workplaces Inc. As OmniOffices Group, Inc. HQ was the first recorded executive suites operator in the U.S. After several ownership changes, the coworking company was acquired and re-branded by IWG plc in 2004.
Impact Hub
Vienna, Austria
International2005First unit was located in the London Borough of Islington, by Jonathan Robinson.
Industrious LLC
594 Dean Street New York City
U.S.2013Founded in 2013 by Jamie Hodari and Justin Stewart.
IWG plc
Switzerland2016International Workplace Group ("IWG") brands include: Regus, Spaces, HQ, Signature by Regus, and No18. In 2015, IWG acquires Avanta Serviced Office Group.
IZA Business Centers
Mexico1994First unit location at Torre Gia in Monterrey, Mexico.
Knotel, Inc.
229 West 43rd St., New York City
International20152020 - Knotel has laid off more than half of its staff, sought to give back properties and has been sued by multiple landlords for nonpayment of rent in New York. Company was established in San Francisco and New York City. Founded by Amol Sarva and Edward Shenderovich.
Konnex Communities
Austria2002Schraubenfabrik (2002) was one of the first, named a community center for entrepreneurs, then Hutfabrik (2004) and Rochuspark (2007).
LiquidSpace, Inc.
San Francisco, California
U.S.2010In June 2015, LiquidSpace began listing spaces on month to month terms. In the spring of 2016, LiquidSpace announced plans to reach 100 million square feet of space available in its marketplace. Founded by Mark Gilbreath.
Make | Offices
U.S.2012Chicago, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. The company was founded by Ray Rahbar, Jason Shrensky, Chris Junior, and several others in 2012.
U.S.2019San Diego, 26,000 SF. Flexible office suites for any size business, also offers access to an industrial facility to supplement a company's operational needs, such as shipping and receiving, electronics benches, prototyping capabilities and "micro-manufacturing."
International2014Co-founded by Dan Zakai.
Moxy HotelsU.S.2019The Marriott Hotel brand has introduced lobby areas that transform coworking spaces into night-time lobby hangout spots.
Multiburo Business Centers
International1985Founded by François Pasquet.
NEST at Hotel Tryp by Wyndham
Dubai, UAE
UAE2017NEST in Hotel Tryp is the region's first fully-integrated co-working space within a hotel.
No18 (IWG)
U.S.2012IWG plc acquired rights to Stockholm-based members club No18 under a franchise agreement with plans to expand globally.
Office Freedom
International1993Founded by David Joseph and Ian Read as Citibase, later re branded.
Orchard Workspace
15 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, New York
U.S.2020Brookfield Properties - 50,000 SF flexible office and meeting campus targeting mature and start-up companies. Features UV air purifiers, open work area physical separation, hand sanitation stations, and other protective measures.
International2015Coworking and co-living communities for remote workers.
Premier Workspaces
U.S.2002First unit in Irvine, California. first established in 2002 as Premier Business Centers.
Proper HospitalityU.S.2020Industrious Office partnered with Proper Hospitality to bring the work-from-hotel concept to Proper Hotels in Austin, San Francisco, and Santa Monica in late September 2020, with more hotels to be added to this collaboration.
Regus (IWG)International1989First incorporated as "Regus" in 1989 by British businessman Mark Dixon.
Scandic HotelsInternational2020October 2020 - has launched the largest network of co-working spaces in the Nordic countries, providing for members of the public to work away from the office or home.
Serendipity Labs
U.S.2011December 2020 - the company is moving forward with its bankruptcy filing (July 2020), with a stalking horse bidder in place: Bay Point Capital Partners II, LP. Note - its locations are operated through franchise agreements and are not part of the Chapter 11 restructuring process.
Servcorp Limited
Sydney, Australia
International1978First unit in Sydney, Australia. Established in 1978 by Alfred Moufarrige and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1999.
Sheraton Hotel & Resorts U.S.2019Sheraton announced plans to outfit new lobby spaces with “productivity tables” with USB ports, rentable drawers, and easy access to power.
Signature by Regus (IWG)InternationalIWG's premium coworking brand.
San Francisco, California
U.S.2011The company was founded by Ken T, in 2010 at Pier 38 in San Francisco. Three locations in San Francisco and Oakland. Founded in 2011 by John Arenas.
U.S.2019spaceOS is a workspace management platform for office real estate and flex-space operators that transforms any asset into a safe, flexible and connected workspace. Founded by Marley Fabisiewicz (CEO), Danish Abdullah, and Maciej Markowski.
Spaces (IWG)International2008In 2019, IWG announced plans to sell the Spaces brand, bringing in Eastdil Secured LLC. An IWG brand, was founded in The Netherlands and acquired by IWG in 2015.
St. Oberholz
Rosenthaler Platz, Berlin
Germany2005From the simple concept of a café where people can work, this venue has become something of a legend in the coworking sector, a pioneer. It is now an internationally known Creative Hub.
Studio by Tishman SpeyerU.S.2018The coworking concept of Tishman Speyer.
Sunshine Suites
419 Lafayette Street, New York
U.S.2001Shuttered in 2016. Founded by Cheni Yerushalmi and Joe Raby
Talent Garden
International2011Per its website, "Talent Garden is now the leading European coworking network and educational institute for the digital and tech community." Founded in Brescia, Italy, in 2011.
U.S.1997Acquired by Industrious in 2019.
The Intelligent Office, Inc.
Denver, Colorado
U.S., Canada1994Ralph Gregory presented virtual offices including physical executive suites, staff and technology as a franchise opportunity in the U.S. First established as The Virtual Office, Inc. and was later renamed.
The Lab Miami
U.S.201210,000 SF coworking space in the Wynwood Arts District.
The Wing
U.S.2016Founded by Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan in 2016.
Beijing, China
China2015Formerly known as UrWork. Founded by Mao Daqing.
Venture X2012
115 W. 18th Street, Chelsea, New York
U.S.2010September 2020 - WeWork has sold control of its China business to Trustbridge Partners for $200 million. in what looks like a franchise-type deal. WeWork was founded by Adam Neumann, Miguel McKelvey, and Rebekah Neumann.
WeWork On DemandU.S.2020Now rolling out in the U.S., to 160 locations so far, the offering provides conference rooms at hourly rates and office space for the day.
WeWork On Demand is a separate offering from monthly memberships.
France2014Launched by Bouygues Immobilier in 2015 under the Nextdoor brand. In 2017, Bouygues Immobilier and Accor created a 50/50 joint venture to acquire Wojo.
Woo Space International2015Acquired by Ucommune in 2018, at the time Woo Space was the largest coworking chain in Asia. Founded by two Cornell University graduates, Wan Liushuo and Han Xinqi.
711 Atlantic Ave. Boston, Massachusetts
U.S.2010All locations in Massachusetts. Founded by Bill Jacobson.
WorkChewU.S.2018In March 20201 the startup raised $2.5M in a funding round to propel its expansion throughout the U.S. The company collaborates with restaurants and hotels to give them an extra source of revenue by using underutilized spaces into on-demand workspaces for remote workers. The days and hours when the workspaces are open vary by location.
Your AlleyU.S.Your Alley has locations in New York City, Washington D.C. and Cambridge, MA
The Netherlands2016Zoku is a curated collective of working travelers and local professionals, situated in Amsterdam's canal district, Self-described as a workmeetsplay hotel concept for the global nomad.
Downtown Works
San Diego

2023 Directory of Co-Work Companies

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