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Local Government Real Estate Consultants

Local government real estate consultants assisting with matters unique to public sector entities of all types.
The are always more revenue and efficiency opportunities than are being captured.

We work as local government real estate consultants, for economic development planning, project feasibility, and transactions due diligence.   Our firm has been assisting municipalities for several decades.  Our co-founder was the financial analyst for the Port of Long Beach in its buy-out transaction with the Wrather Corp, regarding the Queen Mary and Mary’s Gate Village.   Back in those days our co-founder also worked extensively with California cities preparing feasibility studies for SB-99 Mortgage Revenue Bonds for new affordable housing development, as well as with community redevelopment project matters pursuant to California law.


We frequently lead or assist in arranging collaborations between the public and private sector, where an intended economic impact depends on the core competencies of all parties.


Our public sector work as local government real estate consultants includes federal (national) government clients, cities, regional governments and agencies, as well as school districts, ports, and special agencies.


Throughout the world we also work with indigenous tribal “first nations” which have unique sovereignty issues.  In North America our clients are the Native American tribes and pueblos, Canadian First Nations, and the Native Hawaiians.   In Sub-Saharan Africa, most projects have some level of involvement with local indigenous tribes.   Even in the GCC in places such as Dubai, there are issues in developing and managing projects where citizen versus expat staffing and decision-making is an important factor.


Local government real estate consultants - port districts

Some of our earliest public sector work was with port districts, including the Port of Long Beach.

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Local Government Real Estate Consultants

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