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Global Real Estate Consultants

Global real estate consultants for commercial real estate, hotels and resorts, and entertainment.
Global real estate consultants with a track record of results for Owners, since 1984.

StoneCreek Partners acts as global real estate consultants providing project concepting, design, and development services.


Our company experience is informed by our co-founder’s experience with several firms that operated on a multi-national basis.   With NBC Universal’s Parks and Resorts Group, he helmed the location-based entertainment program, seeking opportunities for brand licensing with landowners and developers.   With Newfield Enterprises International he managed the Real Estate and Hotels portfolio of the Al-Ibrahim brothers of Riyadh and Jeddah.  Earlier in his global consulting career he provided development advisory services to clients of Phillips Brand Reddick (Irvine, California), a global land planning firm.


We have honed our multi-cultural team and sensibilities over the years having worked in the many global regions.   We have learned much about cultural respect and interactions, both professional and personally.   It’s been an honor for us to have had this opportunity as global real estate consultants.


Provided below are some select examples of our work in the international regions where we have supported client projects over the years.


Transaction Consultants and Negotiators - Global Real Estate Consultants

A moment in our global real estate consultants’ experience:  StoneCreek Partners was proud to have introduced National Film Capital China to Park City Film Studios, to enter into a strategic cooperation agreement. Shown here a discussion with the parties to settle cooperation expectations prior to the deal-signing ceremony later in Beijing.

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Global Real Estate Consultants

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