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Real Estate Expert Witness

Expert Witnesses and Litigation Support for Commercial Real Estate, Hotels, and Entertainment Matters
Expert witness testimony based upon more than 30 years of industry experience.

We provide real estate expert witness and litigation support for real estate, hospitality, and location-based entertainment development matters.   Our staff has supported pre-litigation research and positioning efforts as client’s consider or react to legal perils.


In addition to expert witness work, we also help client organizations to adjust their procurement, bidding, contracting, design-development process, pre-opening and operating staff management, and other company procedures, to reduce those practices (and habits) that tend to attract litigation.


StoneCreek Partners’ founder Donald Bredberg leads such client matters as our key expert witness and litigation support person.   His 30+ “hands on” in an array of multi-disciplinary roles provides a substantial foundation for these kinds of roles for litigation matters.   Mr. Bredberg’s experience also includes asset management and direct management of facilities, design-development, and project feasibility and real estate due diligence matters.    Our firm’s experience as well as Mr. Bredberg’s industry experience includes commercial real estate, hotels and resorts, and location-based entertainment, in the U.S. and select international regions.

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Real Estate Expert Witness

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