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C-Store Fuel Station Consultants

Also known as travel centers or simply as gas stations, convenience-store fueling facilities have unique critical success factors.
The foundation for success is in the wholesale fuel supply deal.

As c-store fuel station consultants, we work with property owners to evaluate the feasibility and design of new projects and the expansion and/or revitalization of convenience-store fuel stations that are already operating.


Project Feasibility


Our feasibility approach focuses on the market demand generators for convenience stores and their gas (and diesel) sales.  Demand generators include local residents, visitors, day-trippers, and the visiting-friends and relatives present in every local marketplace.    We also look at day-part and week-part trip patterns within these market segments, the location of major employers, residential areas, tourism places of interest, and the like.  And of course, we look at traffic counts and the position of a subject facility in capturing these traffic patterns.


We help with evaluating not only brand fuels versus unbranded questions, but which fuel company franchise may be best for an Owner’s local market.


Facility Conceptual Design


In addition to feasibility matters we work with facility owners regarding conceptual design matters, optimal site and store layouts, and digital signage options.   We typically work in close collaboration with owner, as well as with the project architect if they have been appointed.   Sometimes this work also involves a collaboration with the in-store product sourcing companies to get the most profitable product mix for the store.



Convenience store fuel station portfolio

C-store fuel stations as an asset class, have the same asset management issues as larger property investment classes.


Wholesale Fuel Agreements


In our role as c-store fuel station consultants, we are also involved with the selection of wholesale fuel suppliers and the negotiations of contract agreements related to  such agreements pertaining to convenience store gas stations.    Accepting upfront monies from a fuel supplier and the related contract provisions, is as much a risk management issue as a capital / ROI question for the facility owner.

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