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Immersive Environment Concepting – TV Land Restaurant

TV Land Restaurant Corp.  /  Paramount Licensing  |  As immersive environments designers, we provided big idea exploration, guest experience ideation, and experiential design for potential branded restaurant attraction based upon the TV Land brand.   TV Land is a Viacom-owned brand.   The TV Land Restaurant concept is one of many immersive experience venues explored for deployment in the burgeoning location-based entertainment industry.


In association with Walker Group CNI.



government and public sector consultants - Entitlements and Permits Consultants

Hollywood Redevelopment Plan

Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles  |  Government and public sector consultants for economic market studies and financial analysis to support the filing of community redevelopment plan for the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California.   The work included extensive review of companies, jobs, and residents within the proposed redevelopment project area.



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