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Themed Entertainment Consultants - conceptual design

Ideation for Backlot Attraction at Film Studio Chuncheon

aec  Camnol Inc.  |   As the themed entertainment consultant for the project, we conducted initial ideation workshops and prepared first conceptual plans for a visitor attraction at Film Studio Chuncheon (South Korea).   The driving “big idea” was to popular the backlot with interactive immersions – real and virtual – based upon popular online electronic game brands and K-pop stars of South Korea.

Film Studios Development Consultants - European Region Project Consultants

Conceptual Plan Feasibility – Toulouse Film Studio

aec   Explore Entertainment, SARL  |  Massing study for new film studio campus, explored on a rapid prototyping basis.   Focus of effort was the creation of a digital hub at the heart of the limited footprint studio campus, with digital facilities capable of music, film, television, electronic game, and other digital projects.  The visitor component of the master plan included AEC’s first placement of its “adventure gardens” concept.


Confidential – At client request, the rapid-protoyping image shown here includes limited details only.




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