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Adventure Entertainment

Independent affiliate of StoneCreek Partners LLC

Consumers everywhere expect the new, the fresh, the different. Always.

The Adventure Entertainment Cos. (aka, AEC Creative, or simply AEC) was formed to pursue the making and operating of destination places, for our own account and for 3rd-party clients.


Since our formation in 2013, our work has grown to include rapid-prototyping of consumer experiences, whether for brand promotional purpose, events, traveling exhibits, or permanent facilities.


AEC draws from “best practices” experience not simply in entertainment, but in the retail, resorts, and recreation industries, even wellness facilities. Our partners are a multi-disciplinary group, with decades of facilities management, design, construction, and investment banking experience.

Our AEC management group has worked together for years prior to the formation of AEC, in the U.S., in China, Europe, the GCC, and in Sub-Saharan African. AEC partners have helmed operating groups, and owned their own construction, consulting, and design firms.


AEC was formed in November 2013, an independent affiliate of StoneCreek Partners LLC (SCP) and a spin-off of SCP’s entertainment practice.

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Our Services

Experiential Design

Our Adventure Entertainment guest programming and experiential design work begins with an exploration of the “end user” motivations.


Where the experience involves a place, we consider the end-user’s “trip motivation” as essential as well as what other experiences compete for a guest’s attention in a particularly day-part, week-part, or season-part.  These days, consumers are inundated with in-home and out-of-home activity options.


Placemaking has become a wonderfully multi-faceted subject, propelled by successful tactics in so many places.


In addition to these “best practices,” we are advocates of monetization considerations, so that great places are sustainable without local government funding support.   Monetization sensibilities can also encourage private-sector enthusiasm for placemaking.

Rapid Prototyping

Taking “lessons learned” from the film industry, Adventure Entertainment has created 3d and v/r previs tools that are integral to our feasibility, ideation, and product concepting process.


This “rapid prototyping’ of early design helps project teams in considering without the initial investment in experiential design becoming precious.   As well, 3d illustratives are more understandable than 2d diagrams.

Creative Design & Consulting Highlights

AEC is a 2013 spin-off of the entertainment work of StoneCreek Partners.