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— Major Glamping Operators Likely to Get a Boost in Covid-19 Pandemic Aftermath.

We’re expecting glamping operators to have a good run as the economy opens up and Americans continue to deal with the Covid-10 pandemic these next couple of years.   Why?  Glamping provides physical distancing, natural ventilation, plenty of sunlight, its so different in a way that young travelers are seeking these days.


Glamping is in the early days of transition from a thoroughly mom-and-pop industry, to an accommodations sector that is beginning to see national operators.   We expect this trend to continue as consumers continue to enjoy the unique settings that are available through these national operators, along with the implied operating standards of a national company.


Here are some of the new breed of glamping industry players:


Operator WebsiteSummary Overview
Autocampwww.autocamp.comAccomodations featuring modern and luxurious 190-SF Airstream units, in a camping sensibility evoking the great American road trip. The Airstreams are manufactured for this purpose by Thor Industries Inc.
Collective Retreatswww.collectiveretreats.comEach retreat is located in an iconic destination and features luxury outdoor accommodations, exceptional culinary experiences, and genuine hospitality.
Cool Camping UKwww.coolcamping.comBooking website. A hand-picked selection of outstanding tent-oriented campsites. The series now includes Wales, Scotland, France, Europe, Britain, Cool Camping: Kids, the Cool Camping Cookbook and the Cool Camping Guide to Festivals!
EXP Journeyswww.expjourneys.comEXP has developed an exclusive luxury camping program at remote sites throughout the national parks region in the U.S.
Glampsiteswww.glampsites.comBooking website. For the UK and France.
Hipcampwww.hipcamp.comBooking website. A kind of Airbnb for campers, property owners rent through the website. Headquartered in San Francisco.
Luxury Frontierswww.luxury-frontiers.comDesigner of unique glamping facilities, on a worldwide basis.
Quality Unearthedwww.qualityunearthed.co.ukBooking website. Q/U has handpicked the best alternative abodes in the UK from treehouses, yurts, wagons, cabins, Gypsy caravans and more for memorable vacation stays.
TentRRwww.tentrr.comTentrr provides a network of individual campsites with a standardized raised-platform and canvas tent with air bed situated on private land. each site an average of 12 acres.
Terra Glampingwww.terraglamping.comSuccessor company to TerraVelo Tours, now offering Terra Glamping experiences in several U.S. destinations.
Under Canvas
www.undercanvas.comOne of the early glamping developers, Under Canvas typically locates its “safari camps” adjacent to national parks. The featured tent accomodations are made of wood and canvas for particular aesthetic purposes.

Major Glamping Operators & Booking Websites

List of glamping operators active regionally or nationally. StoneCreek Partners LLC