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— 7-Eleven Expands Delivery Options

AEC’s Consumer Products Monitor


7-Eleven expands delivery options to now include six platforms nationwide.   The national delivery providers now include Uber Eats, Grubhub, Instacart, Postmates, DoorDash, and Google Food Ordering.  In addition to these national platforms, 7-Eleven also offers delivery in Texas through Favor, and in select markets, delivery through its own app – 7NOW.  Together with these 3rd-party delivery platforms, 7‑Eleven offers on-demand ordering to more than 90 percent of the company’s footprint.


Convenience stores have emerged as strong contenders for on-demand food and grocery delivery, for consumers wanting such convenience during the Covid-19 pandemic.   It is interesting to see delivery integrated with the c-store offer to consumers, somewhat a fulfillment of the very name of this asset class that is about convenience.


In addition to consumers working from home, students attending virtual school (at home) or enjoying their leisure-time, we expect c-stores to become popular with those seeking easy provisioning for their short-term rentals while on vacation.   The company also notes that its delivery capabilities can include all manner of special event settings.   We’re thinking that it just got easier to host … such as backyard barbecues, youth soccer games, beach parties, and picnics in the park.


7-Eleven expands delivery options at a time when consumers are fundamentally embracing all-new behaviors.    Virtually every kind of consumer product is being reviewed for revolutionary changes in purchasing, fulfillment, and supply chain.


7-Eleven Inc. first started its delivery offerings back in 2017.   The company’s October 21 press release about expanded delivery in the  U.S. is available here: More Ways to Get 7-Eleven® Products Delivered, Coming Right Up



7-Eleven Expands Delivery

Whether working, teaching, or learning from home, 7-Eleven’s expanded delivery platforms provide additional convenience for consumers.

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