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Growth Monitor for Economic Development

Tracking the issues, programs, incentives, tax matters, and "lessons learned" affecting local economic development.
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The Growth Monitor is Back; Tracking Local Economic Development Policies & Practices

StoneCreek Partners has re-launched a legacy brand from the earliest days of its predecessor company, StoneCreek Advisors.  Albeit with a a new name, The Growth Monitor.


The Growth Monitor will take the work of “Southern California Growth Monitor” to a national and international level, tracking regulations, incentives, policy and program tools, as well as lessons learned in implementing local economic development.


Southern California Growth Monitor was first established as a client resource publication by Phillips Brandt Reddick, the mega-scale master land use planning and development organization, and later acquired by StoneCreek Advisors upon its formation.    StoneCreek Advisors is a predecessor organization to StoneCreek Partners and several other companies.



Conceptual Design for Technology Incubator

Conceptual design for technology incubator, along with business plan, for roll-out in strategic partnership with universities in key Sub-Saharan metro markets.   As office and industrial consultants, StoneCreek Partners provided the facility conceptual design and associated business plan for a right-scaled roll-out of technology business incubator facilities in urban Accra (Ghana) and Lagos (Nigeria), among other key Sub-Saharan regions.


The conceptual design provides for alternative gathering places within the incubator facility, each intended for differing and flexible meetings, whether investor pitches, online digital conferences, tech demonstrations, Agile sprint sessions, and the like.   One meeting room was design with lateral ideation sessions in mind, with an array of pin surfaces, writing surfaces, digital displays, and ideation recordation means.


As commonly understood, a technology business incubator is a type of business incubator focused on supporting startups which use modern technologies as the primary means of innovation.   Incubator facilities are focused version of co-working venues with additional support to founders, mentoring, potential access to investors, and other collaborative support.


There are technology business incubators that operate by invitation to interesting new startups.   Some national and regional governments promote technology business incubators as an essential means of economic development.



Conceptual Design for Technology Incubator

Tech incubators are a unique opportunity for economic development programs.

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