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— There is Work to Be Done. Words Are Not Enough

Many years ago a friend told me that if you want to know what someone believes, words don’t matter.  Just watch what they do.   Since May 25th, I have found these words to have never been more true.


We must all stop talking, stop posting, stop writing, about how we are for change.   That’s easy to do, and does not require us to change.    Telling the world how moral we are, and how right we are in our thinking, has no effect other than making the writer/talker feel good.   Or simply to score again at successful self-delusion.


Can we begin now to simply meet each day with a renewed sense of what we owe each other, in terms of opportunity, kindness, and respect?   All of us can improve, to help in our own way to improve upon our collective humanity.


Together, with the attitude that we all need to share in fixing what we have caused, we can all reach to days of real equality and real justice.   I think we all want it and we can start today.  Maybe we can make 2020 remembered for this and not pandemics and elections.



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