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Crystal Lagoons’ PAL Venues Take Over as Top MPC Amenity

AEC’s Consumer Products Monitor


Twenty+ years ago among the sought-after amenities for master-planned communities (“MPC”) was the 18-hole golf course, often enhanced with a top golf course architect.   From past Urban Land Institute (“ULI”) research we know there is a premium for a home sold in an MPC setting as compared to the same home outside of an MPC.   Golf courses, whether you played or not, were part of a developer’s calculation for the MPC’s value to home buyers.  Along with master landscaping, design controls, security, parks, and other amenities.


Crystal Lagoons, the “water tech” company, may have displaced golf in this role, at a time when golf has diminished as an interesting sport among consumers, whether to play or watch.  Crystal Lagoons has pioneered an innovative product for land-bound urban and exurban locations, which they’ve dubbed, Public Access Lagoons™.   Over the past 20 years , the company has successfully introduced their tropical lagoon and beach destinations through more than 600 projects in 60 countries worldwide (these numbers are probably far higher now than when first released by the company).    And the company is on a roll signing up new installations in the U.S.  The company’s is distinct enough as an integrated technology and business solution that they offer their intellectual property to 3rd-parties in the form of Master PAL agreements of particular exclusive regions.


The Crystal Lagoons’ product website has some terrific images and video for review, for anyone that has not enjoyed their tropical environments.

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