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— Sports, Movies, Big Pharma, and the Feds rank Lower than Attorneys, in Gallup Survey

Gallup’s latest annual polling of consumer ratings of U.S. industry sectors came with some surprises.  The changed sentiment now doubt due to perceptions during the COVID-19 pandemic.    Consumer perceptions are of great interest to the Consumer Products industries as well as those involved with promoting local economic development.


As Gallup reports, Farming and agriculture was already among the top-rated industries before 2020, but it has now moved to No. 1 with a 69% positive rating.  The Grocery and Restaurant industries came in second and third respectively, among Americans surveyed.


Perhaps the major surprise in the Gallup annual polling, was which if any industries ranked lower than the public’s perception of the legal industry.   Ranked lower than attorneys according the public, are the Sports industry, Movies, the Pharmaceutical industry, Advertising (and public relations), and the Federal Government.


The full article is available along with the Net Positive perception rankings, at the Gallup website: Farming Rises, Sports Tumbles in U.S. Industry Ratings


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