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John F. Robinson Golf Advisors

John F. Robinson Golf Advisors been involved with more than 120 new golf courses and course renovations, throughout the Americas.
Background of John F. Robinson Golf Advisors

John F. Robinson Golf Advisors has formed a strategic relationship with StoneCreek Partners, for the redevelopment and re-use of golf courses.


John F. Robinson is the President of John F. Robinson Golf Advisors and John F. Robinson Golf Course Design, Inc. (Huntsville, Ontario, Canada).  John began his career working part time for a local golf course architect/contractor William K. Newcomb (a former design associate of Pete Dye) in Ann Arbor while attending the University of Michigan. After finishing his undergraduate degree at Michigan in Landscape Architecture, Robinson stayed on with the local GCA for three and a half more years. He then decided to return to Canada to assist his brother William G. Robinson, then a partner with Geoffrey S. Cornish of Amherst, Massachusetts, designing golf courses throughout oil rich western Canada. In the next decade John and his brother designed and renovated over 80 golf courses. During that decade John worked exclusively with his brother for only four years, the rest of the time spent building up his own practice in Ontario. Since John’s roots in design began in the USA, notably Ohio and Michigan, John concentrated on those states occasionally doing work in other states as well. Recently he has been doing work in both western and eastern Canada especially in his home province of Ontario.


John brings to each project 50 years of golf course design experience. Robinson established his golf course design firm in 1977 and since that time has completed designs for over 120 new courses and renovations in the United States, Canada, South America and the Caribbean as well as renovations on scores of others.


John F. Robinson Golf Advisors

The 17th Par 5 at Setter’s Ghost Golf Club , Barrie, Ontario. A John F. Robinson design.


All designs are personally created by Robinson, and his approach is environmentally oriented. He especially takes pride in the detail and accuracy of his construction drawings and specifications, along with reliable cost estimates. Robinson believes the success of the finished course is a direct result of the architect’s personal on-site involvement, and he is known for his hands on approach to design. Once the designs are in place, computer renderings can be generated of a typical hole and computer generated flyovers to test each hole and give the client a real feeling of what the golf course will look like before construction begins allowing changes to be made to totally satisfy the client’s wishes.


As part of his work as John F. Robinson Golf Advisors, the use of drone services will allow for flyovers of existing courses looking to renovate and not only produce accurate images of each hole of the course but also produce existing topographic mapping on each hole to within 2” eliminating the need for costly surveyors to produce as is elevations drawings. This can be done inexpensively in one day without the need of ground control.


John F. Robinson is a graduate of the University of Michigan in 1970 with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree.

Golf Courses by John F. Robinson


  • Douglas Point G.C., Juneau (1992) with William G. Robinson
  • Moose Run Golf Course – Fort Richardson, Anchorage, (1996) solo.



  • Greenbrier G.C., Lexington (1971) with Wm. Newcomb;
  • Woodson Bend Resort G.C., Somerset (1975) with Dave Bennett and Lee Trevino.



  • The Big Stick Golf Club (John Daly Signature/John Robinson Design), Bolingbrook (2006-2008)



  • The Links at Stonebridge Golf Club, Gretna – Redesign and construction of a 27 Hole Championship facility (2005) solo.



  • Birch Falls Golf Club, Atlanta (2005-2006);
  • Grand Traverse Resort G.C., Acme (1994) with William G. Robinson;
  • Great Oaks G.C., Rochester (1970) with Wm. Newcomb;
  • Greenhills G.C., Linwood (1970) with Wm. Newcomb;
  • Linden Dunes Golf Club, Lake Linden, (2006-8);
  • Oasis Par 3 G.C., Plymouth (1969) with Wm. Newcomb; Prairie Creek G.C., Dewitt (1972) with Wm. Newcomb;
  • The Chief at Sky Lodge, Bellaire (1996) solo;
  • Fire Stick Precision G.C., Bellaire (2006-2007) solo;
  • Hawk’s Eye G.C., Bellaire (2001) solo;
  • Hawk Ridge Golf and Ski Club, Grayling (2001) solo.


Michigan Courses Remodeled or Added to:  Barton Hills C.C., Ann Arbor (R., 1972) with Wm. Newcomb; Boyne Highlands G.C., Boyne Falls (A.18, 1971) with Wm. Newcomb; Grand Traverse Resort G.C., Acme (R. 18, Spruce Run 1995) solo; Pine Lake C.C., Pine Lake (R., 1970) with Wm. Newcomb; West Branch G.C., West Branch 9A.9, 1971) with Wm. Newcomb.



  • Glacier View G.C., Kalispell (1989 & 92) with Cornish & Robinson.


  • Apple Valley G.C., Mt. Vernon (1972) with Wm. Newcomb;
  • Blackmoor G.C., Wintersville (1993) solo;
  • Blue Heron Golf Club, Medina, (2003-4) solo;
  • Carroll Meadows G.C., Carrollton (1988) solo;
  • Oak Shadows Golf Club, New Philadelphia (1994) solo;
  • Pin Oaks National G.C., Burbank (2005-7) solo;
  • The Legends of Massillon, Massillon (1993) solo;
  • Turkana Farms Golf Course, Calcutta (1998) solo;
  • Union Country Club, Dover (1969) with Wm. Newcomb.


Ohio Courses Remodeled or Added to:  Alliance G.C., Alliance (R., 1994) solo; Arrowhead Park G.C., Minster (A.9, 1991 & R. 1997) solo; Diamond Back G. C., Canfield (A. 9, R. 9 1996)solo; The Legends of Massillon, Massillon (A. 9, 2001) solo; Wooster C.C., Wooster (A. 9, 1974) with Wm. Newcomb.



  • Chehalem Glenn Golf Course, Newberg (2002) with Willaim G. Robinson;
  • Grand Oaks 54 Hole Golf Complex, Dallas (1992) with William G. Robinson;
  • Meadow Lakes G.C., Prineville (1991) with William G. Robinson;
  • Tukwila Golf Club the new home of the Oregon Golf Association, Woodburn (1993) with William G. Robinson.


Oregon Courses Remodeled or Added to:  Chehalem Glenn Golf Course, Newberg (A. 9, 2006) with William G. Robinson; Michelbook C.C., McMinnville (R., 1993) with William G. Robinson; Oswego Lake Country Club, Portland (R., 1992) with William G. Robinson; Salishan Golf Club, Gleneden Beach (R., 1993) with William G. Robinson; Pineway Golf Course, Lebanon (R. 1993) with William G. Robinson; Roseburg Country Club, Roseburg (R., 1993) with William G. Robinson; Williamette Valley C.C., Canby (R., 1989) with William G. Robinson.



  • Tri Mountain G.C., Port of Ridgefield (1993) with William G. Robinson;
  • Sea Links at Birch Bay, Birch Bay (1983) with William G. Robinson;
  • The Creek at Qualchan, Spokane (1991) with William G. Robinson.


  • Douglasdale Estates G.C., Calgary (1982) with Cornish and Robinson;
  • Lewis Estates G.C. Edmonton (1989) with Cornish & Robinson;
  • The Links at Spruce Grove, Spruce Grove (1984) with Cornish & Robinson;
  • The Ranch G. & C.C., Winterburn (1989) with Cornish & Robinson.


Alberta Courses Remodeled or Added to:  Banff Springs G.C. , Banff (A.9, 1983) with Cornish & Robinson; Belvedere G.C., Edmonton (R., 1982) with Cornish & Robinson; Cardiff Community G.C., Cardiff (A. 9, 1983) with Cornish & Robinson; Cardston Golf Course, Cardston (A. 9, 1992) with William G. Robinson; Edmonton C.C. Edmonton (R., 1981) with Cornish & Robinson; Elks Lodge G.C., Calgary (R., 1981) with Cornish & Robinson; Enock Hills G. & C.C., Edmonton (A. 18 1989 & 1991) with Cornish & Robinson; Innisfail G.C., Innisfail (A.9, 1984, A.9, 2005) with Cornish & Robinson; Innisfail G.C., Innisfail (R. 9 2012) solo; Lacombe G.C., Lacombe (A.9, 1984) with Cornish & Robinson; Sturgeon Valley G.C., St. Albert (A.9, 1983) with Cornish & Robinson; Windemere G.C., Edmonton (R., 1983) with Cornish & Robinson.


British Columbia:

  • Beaverly Estates Golf Club, Prince George (1996);
  • Brentwood Lakes G.C., Vancouver Island (1990) with Cornish & Robinson;
  • Matticks Golf Course, Victoria (1990) with Cornish & Robinson;
  • Moberly Lakes G.C., Chetwynd (1982) with Cornish & Robinson;
  • Royal Oaks Par 3 G.C. , Richmond (1992) with William G. Robinson;
  • Royal Pines Golf Club, Prince George (1996);
  • Surrey G. & C.C., Surrey (1989) with Cornish & Robinson;
  • Golden Eagle G. & C.C., Pitt Meadows (1993) with William G. Robinson;


British Columbia Courses Remodeled or Added to: Arbutus Ridge G. & C.C., Vancouver Island (A.9, 1989) with Cornish & Robinson; Cherry Grove G. & C.C., Oliver (R. 9, A.9, 1993) solo; CowichanG. & C.C., Duncan (R., 1989) with Cornish & Robinson; Point Grey G.C., Vancouver C.C. R., 1982) with Cornish & Robinson; Quilchena G. & C.C., Richmond (R. 1989 & 1992) with William G. Robinson; Victoria G.C., Victoria (R., 1984) with Cornish & Robinson.


New Brunswick:

  • Covered Bridge G.C., Hartland (1989) solo;
  • Mount Carleton Provincial Park G.C., Mount Carleton (1972) with Marshall, Macklin, Monaghan, Royal Elgin Golf & Ski Club, Petitcodiac (1989) with William G. Robinson.


New Brunswick Courses Remodeled or Added to:  Miramichi G.C., Newcastle (R., 1990) solo; Moncton G. & C.C., Moncton (R., 1989) solo; Rockwood Park G.C., St. John (A.3, 1983) with Cornish & Robinson; The Algonquin G.C., St. Andrews-by-the-Sea (R. 1993) with William G. Robinson; Westfield G. & C.C., Westfield (R., 1990) solo; Woodstock G. & C.C., Woodstock (R., 1990) solo

Nova Scotia Courses Remodeled or Added to: Northumberland Seaside Golf Links, Pugwash (A.9, 1984) with Cornish & Robinson.



  • The Chute Golf Course, Nippising (2007-8);
  • Echo Valley Golf Club, Huntsville (2007-8)solo;
  • Oak Gables G.C., Ancaster (1989) solo;
  • Pine Knot G. & C.C., Dorchester (1990) solo;
  • RiverEdge Golf Course, Kitchener (1998) solo;
  • Rock Chapel Golf Centre, Burlington (1994) solo;
  • Sally Creek Golf Club, Woodstock (2007-8) solo;
  • Settler’s Ghost G.C., Barrie (2004)solo;
  • Springfield G. & C.C., Guelph (1988) solo;
  • Victoria Heath G. & C.C., Lindsay (1997) solo;
  • Whistlebear G.C., Cambridge (2001) solo.
  • WhistleBear Golf Club As Built Layout – Cambridge, Ontario


Ontario Courses Remodeled or Added to: Blairhampton Golf Club, Minden (A. 9 R. 9, 1996) solo; Blue Mountain Golf Course, Collingwood (A. 9, 1980) solo; Cedar Green G.C., Garson (A. 9, 1982) solo; Conestoga C.C., Conestogo (A.9, R., 1982) solo;  Hollinger Golf Club, Timmins (A. 18, 9, 1997)solo; Huntsville Downs C., Huntsville (R., & A.9, 1996) solo; Ironwood G.C., Exeter (A .9, 1987) solo; Mississauga C.C., Mississauga (R., 1989) with Cornish & Robinson; Pine Grove G.C., Sudbury (A.9, 1988) solo.



  • Emerald Park G. & C.C., White City (1989) with Cornish & Robinson;
  • Mainprize Park G.C., Midale (1990) solo;
  • Prince Albert Par 3 G.C., Prince Albert (1982) with Cornish & Robinson;
  • Saskatoon G. & C.C., Saskatoon (1989) with Cornish & Robinson; Silverwood Par 3 G.C., Saskatoon (1984) with Cornish & Robinson.


Saskatchewan Courses Remodeled or Added to: Long Creek G. & C.C., Avonlea (A.9, 1991) solo; Wascana G.C., Regina (R., 1982) with Cornish & Robinson.


Manitoba Courses Remodeled or Added to: Elmhurst G. & C.C., Winnipeg (R., & A. 9, 1992) solo; Glendale G.C., Winnipeg (R., 1983) with Cornish & Robinson; Royal Colwood G.C., Winnipeg (R., 1983) with Cornish & Robinson; St. Charles G.C., Winnipeg (R., 1983) with Cornish & Robinson.


The Americas

  • Antigua, West Indies: Laurie Bay Club G.C., Laurie Bay, Antigua (1975) solo designed but not built.
  • Venezuela: Ciudad Balearnio Higuerote G.C., Caracas (1979) with Dave Bennett.
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