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— The Value of Regional Visitor Destinations – for Local Economic Development

The value of regional visitor destinations is apparent as cities and regions cope with re-opening and revitalizing their local economies.


Covid-19’s near term impact has been consumer reluctance for traveling by air and at distance.   Long-haul leisure travel feels like a distant memory, a part of another world but not ours.  Convenient destinations with reasonable drive-times are held in high regard by consumers right now.


Fortunately, there are a great many compelling visitor destinations throughout the world’s well-known regions.   For the most part, local communities have understood these regional destinations as a valuable economic asset.    But given the Covid-19 related shutdowns, these visitor destinations are now a much more vital part of recovering economies.   Increased visitor activity brings hotel stays, restaurant purchases, gas purchases, recreation revenue, and then associated municipal taxes.   The multiplier effect of an effective visitor strategy can be substantial.


We look for best-practices in cultivating the destination offer, the marketing tactics, and for methods of fulfillment.


Perhaps the key to driving economic development results from any regional visitor destination, is understanding the unique and possibly indigineous aspects of a region.   This is a “big idea” of sorts that should then drive strategic marketing considerations, promotions, and fulfillment as tourists make their visits.   Tourists truly value destination experiences that are evocative of the particular region.  Where activities, language, customs, culture, and history are different and memorable, for most visitors that is what travel is all about.



The Value of Regional Visitor Destinations for Economic Development

Regional visitor destinations are a valuable asset for local communities seeking revitalized economic development in 2021 and beyond.



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We are now tracking the well-known regional visitor destinations as part of our economic development program work with clients.   We look for best-practices in cultivating the local destination offer for visitors, for the destination marketing tactics, and for methods of fulfillment before, during, and after tourist visitors.    All these factors and more can enhance the value of regional visitor destinations.


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