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Groundleasing Practices – Port of San Diego

Management review of port district leasing practices, including lease administration and lease rate.


The Port of San Diego was interested in confirming whether or not its ground lease rates, issues of highest and best use, deal terms, and operating polices were at par with “best practices” at other world port districts, particularly, at U.S. West Coast port facilities. A study was undertaken concerning regional market conditions, competitive conditions at other world ports, “best practices” at such other ports, and other related factors. Recommendations were prepared for consideration by the Port of San Diego, with regard to lease rate-setting and deal terms.


The Port of San Diego is a special government entity, created in 1963 by an act of the California legislature in order to manage San Diego Harbor, and administer the public lands along San Diego Bay.


Transaction Consultants and Negotiators - Local government real estate consultants

First Street North

Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles  |  On behalf of client, StoneCreek Partners acted as transaction advisors and consultants.   The Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles was preparing to bid out and develop First Street North, one of the largest redevelopment project areas in the agency’s portfolio.


Assistance was provided to the CRA, including bid package preparation, bidder solicitation, bidder criteria, and ultimately, analysis and negotiation of submitted bids.