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happy holidays from The Adventure Entertainment Cos.

Adventure Entertainment Cos. has new website.

The Adventure Entertainment Cos., an affiliate of StoneCreek Partners (“SCP”), has launched a new website at AEC Creative – in Beta form.   Some of the client experience and specific projects that have been listed here along with SCP experience will be moved over to AEC Creative.


The Adventure Entertainment Cos. (AEC) is a conceptual design and project implementation company, focused on themed attractions, location-based entertainment, and outdoor recreation.  AEC regularly collaborates with StoneCreek Partners during the project feasibility and conceptual design stages of client assignments, providing early “previsualization” of potential site organization, project massing and relative scale, and exploration of guest scripting and experience.


AEC has also established ventures with 3rd-party organizations for the operation of niche destination facilities in outdoor recreation (GoBOLD Adventures), creative campuses (Monumental Studios), and living stories (StagePlex).   These new ventures are led by highly-experienced professionals in these industries, including Paul Bierman-Lytle, Justin Zoladz, and Robert “Bob” Johnson, among others.  The purpose of Adventure Entertainment Cos. having a new website, is to prepare for more direct-to-consumer communications about these coming destination facilities.  The Adventure Entertainment Cos. is committed to the creation of destination experiences for major project as well as smaller intra-regional locations, that combine the outdoor recreation, extreme sport, themed, and location-based entertainment industries.

Strategic Planning Consultants - MENA Region Project Consultants

Strategic Plan for Social Endowment Program

Strategic plan for social endowment program, to encourage income diversity, wealth accumulation, entrepreneurism, and economic opportunity for all.  The plan was prepared in collaboration with the Social Entrepreneurship Consortium Inc (“SECI”).


The strategic planning process and related ideation and resulted in the creation of the “Social Entrepreneurship Endowment & Development Fund (SEED).”   The SEED program seeks to encourage diversity in income and wealth accumulation, to foster entrepreneurism, and to promulgate vital economic prospects for children everywhere.


The SEED program employ a powerful economic approach to investing, that prioritizes vital social constituencies as stakeholders, more directly than through traditional philanthropy, what is referred to as a “philanthropy first” approach.  “Philanthropy First” investing says simply, make the social commitment by including community stakeholders at the outset of investing, so that the positive results of a successful enterprises are not discretionary with primary social benefit being at an end state (the retirement or passing of the enterprise’s founder) as is the case now. Why not instead make the social commitment part of the operating scheme of the enterprise?  This sensibility is a critical factor in this strategic plan for social endowment program.


SECI envisions that more diversified wealth creation, if achieved, can improve a sense of personal, family, and community wellness, as well as reducing social disruptions now flaring in democracies.   And perhaps play a role in vitalizing capitalism at a critical time in world history.   The SEED Program is inspired by the “Giving Pledge” initiative created by Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates, where high net worth individuals pledge more than half of their wealth to charitable causes either during their lives or in their wills.   However, the SEED Program takes a different approach, where constituent shareholders have a stake in an entrepreneurial for-profit enterprise at its outset creating a shared outlook for a community’s future. Whereas the “Giving Pledge” is a private decision to distribute wealth after its accumulation. The Seed Program seeks to build shared values and a new mindset, a new form of charitable donation.


The strategic plan for social endowment program included a detailed action plan for jump starting participation among strategic partners and interested communities.   Part of the plan also addressed select strategic marketing considerations in connection with the program launch, initially focused on leading family offices around the world where ESG Investing is finding a constituency.


SECI is headquartered in Toronto with affiliates and partners globally. SECI brings an innovative model of social entrepreneurship that is unique in design and comprehensive in coverage of the global social entrepreneurship sector.



Strategic Plan for Social Endowment Program


StoneCreek strategic planning consultants - real estate consulting

Real Estate Project Consultants for TDR Program

Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles  |  As a real estate consultant on retainer with the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles, a feasibility evaluation was prepared of a potential transfer of development rights (TDR) program.


The program was intended for the city’s central business district (downtown) area.

Newfield Enterprises International

SCP’s co-founder Donald Bredberg helmed  the real estate investment portfolio for the family office representing Al Anwae and Al Tameer Trading Establishments in Riyadh and Jeddah, respectively, including select involvements by House of Saud tribal members.


In the U.S. the family office operated as Newfield Enterprises International.

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