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happy holidays from The Adventure Entertainment Cos.

Adventure Entertainment Cos. has new website.

The Adventure Entertainment Cos., an affiliate of StoneCreek Partners (“SCP”), has launched a new website at AEC Creative – in Beta form.   Some of the client experience and specific projects that have been listed here along with SCP experience will be moved over to AEC Creative.


The Adventure Entertainment Cos. (AEC) is a conceptual design and project implementation company, focused on themed attractions, location-based entertainment, and outdoor recreation.  AEC regularly collaborates with StoneCreek Partners during the project feasibility and conceptual design stages of client assignments, providing early “previsualization” of potential site organization, project massing and relative scale, and exploration of guest scripting and experience.


AEC has also established ventures with 3rd-party organizations for the operation of niche destination facilities in outdoor recreation (GoBOLD Adventures), creative campuses (Monumental Studios), and living stories (StagePlex).   These new ventures are led by highly-experienced professionals in these industries, including Paul Bierman-Lytle, Justin Zoladz, and Robert “Bob” Johnson, among others.  The purpose of Adventure Entertainment Cos. having a new website, is to prepare for more direct-to-consumer communications about these coming destination facilities.  The Adventure Entertainment Cos. is committed to the creation of destination experiences for major project as well as smaller intra-regional locations, that combine the outdoor recreation, extreme sport, themed, and location-based entertainment industries.

Golf Course participation

Feasibility & Due Diligence – Extreme Sports Resort

Big idea exploration and experiential design, site selection, and market / financial analysis for a proposed destination resort based upon the interests of extreme sports enthusiasts. Special analysis consideration to long-haul travel factors and demographics of the target market.   Part of the experiential design included consideration of a standing obstacle course facility for enthusiasts of such extreme running.


Illustration work shown here is a product of aec‘s Rapid Prototyping Unit, combining feasibility results with preliminary project scaling, layout, and overall guest experiential design – created to assist Ownership group in confirming design intent and project budgets.


Posted information and images regarding this assignment is limited at client’s request.




Caribbean Development Project Consultants - Due Diligence for Resort Acquisition

Due Diligence for Resort Acquisition

Newfield Enterprises International  |  Due diligence for resort acquisition, involving a master-planned golf community in development in Lovenlund (on St Thomas) in the U.S. Virgin Islands (“USVI”).  The due diligence was prepared on behalf of an international family office (based in Riyadh) considering an investment in, or outright acquisition of the property.


Our due diligence work for this resort acquisition included a review of historic operating results, the appeal of the community’s residential product to buyers, repair and maintenance issues, and staffing matters.   A forecast of expected operating performance was prepared, along with a budget for upgrading the property to assure continued first-class operations.


The Mahogany Run Golf Course that was one component of the prospective acquisition, had been completed in 1980.   The course enjoyed a top reputation with its design by George and Tom Fazio.   At the time  of the due diligence, Mahogany Run was the only golf course on St. Thomas island.  Another interesting feature of the property is the historic Old Stone Farm House Restaurant, situated in a restored farm building on the 300-acre former Lovendahl (Danish) sugar plantation.


Lovenlund is a settlement near Magens Bay on the north side of the island of Saint Thomas.  St. Thomas along with Saint John, and Saint Croix, form a county and constituent district of the USVI.




Due Diligence for Resort Acquisition


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